Adjunct Faculty (Online)

Ashford University (April, 2012 – December, 2016)

My key role as an online instructor was to facilitate student learning by posting digital announcements and lectures, responding to students in online discussions, and grading assignments submitted through the University’s online learning management system, eCollege. I also handled student inquiries in a timely fashion, submitted final grades at the end of a course, and participated in professional development activities as required.


ESL Professor – Location Suwon, Korea

Dongnam Health University (March 2006 – February,  2011)

At Dongnam Health University I was responsible for creating and implementing the entire curriculum used in my introductory English courses. This included developing and maintaining a course website for the students’ use which utilized the Moodle 1.9 platform. I also maintained detailed administrative records and conducted student counseling when necessary. During my second year at Dongnam, I served as an advisor to the other foreign professors and was responsible for coordinating meetings, keeping the foreign faculty informed about administrative requirements and notifying the professors about school events.